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4. Collage Activity

Ask participants to sit in a group of four people (not less than four). Provide chart paper, newspapers/ magazines, scissors and a glue stick to each group. Ask participants to imagine what a strong family looks like. They may discuss in groups for five minutes. You can help participants brainstorm by asking the following questions:

  • Does it make a difference if a child lives with his/her parents or with others?

  • What is necessary for a child to live a stable and healthy lifestyle?

  • What is the role of parents in a family?

  • What else plays a role in a strong family?

Ask participants to cut pictures, sentences, words, etc. from materials and paste them on the chart paper. Once the groups complete their collages, ask each group to make a short presentation. Now, place three pieces of paper on the floor with “25%”, “50%” and “100%” written on them respectively. Percentages represent the degree to which the images collected by groups reflect their community.

Ask the participants,

  • How many of the families in this community are strong as defined in these collages? Is it 10% of the families? 25% of the families?

  • Stand somewhere on the line marked by the percentage that you think is correct. (If there are participants standing in different locations, ask two or three of them to share with the group why they chose to stand at that point.)

  • How many are weak families? (Ask participants to stand at the percentage they think represents the weak families in their community and have two or three participants explain why they chose their percentage.)

Conclude by saying, “The aim of this training is to help our community move towards the 100% mark.” Hang the collages on a wall so that you can refer to it when appropriate. Participants may do this activity with their friends and family and report back to the group their findings.


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