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13. Organizing a Club

The following steps should be followed when starting an Empower club, either through staff and volunteers of your organization, or volunteers from at-risk communities who would like to engage in prevention activities.


Gather at least three volunteers who can commit to meeting for three hours once a week consistently for 44–55 weeks (this depends on how the curriculum is used).


Find a location at which the club can be hosted. This could be a building or program location currently being used by your organization, a partner organization in an at-risk area, a community center, or a school building.


Provide copies of the curriculum to all volunteers and collectively decide if anything specific to the community in which the club will be operating should be added.


Invite girls to the club and promote the club to families that live in the target community.


Budget for the materials that are needed for each meeting.

Club volunteers should report regularly to an individual within the organization who oversees and helps to initiate club activity. When deciding on the frequency with which your club meets for lessons, you may choose to host club meetings multiple times per week, once every week, once every two weeks, or once every month. This will depend on where you host the club and in what ways you choose to use the curriculum.

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