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10. Venn Diagram of Institutions

A Venn Diagram of institutions shows institutions, organizations, groups, and important individuals found in the community. The objective is to identify external and internal organizations, groups, and individuals active in the community; understand who participates in these institutions; and find out how these institutions relate to each other in terms of contact, cooperation, flow of information, and provision of services.

Indicate the degree to which that institution affects the issue of human trafficking, including (but not limited to) in the form of preventing or intervening in the spread of human trafficking or providing services to victims. Also note the extent to which each institution is in contact with and cooperates with other institutions.

Each institution should be drawn as represented by a circle. Institutions that the group feels have much influence on the issue of human trafficking should be drawn larger, and those with less influence should be drawn smaller. Institutions should be drawn close to each other if they have regular cooperation, and farther away if they have less cooperation. Circles may be drawn to overlap if there is close cooperation, or touch if there is some cooperation.

Discussion questions:

  • Which organizations, institutions, and groups are working in or with the community?

  • Which do community members regard as most important or influential, and why?

  • Which institutions are addressing human trafficking, child abuse, and child welfare?

  • Which institutions work together?

  • Are there institutions that benefit certain groups only?

  • Are some groups excluded from being members or receiving benefits or services from certain institutions? If so, why?

  • Which local groups are organized along social issues (health, education, etc.), economic issues (business development, etc.), politics, or religion?

  • Who makes important decisions within these institutions? Who makes important decisions that affect these institutions?

  • Which institutions are not represented? Why?

  • What does the Venn Diagram imply for preventative strategies and for human trafficking in your community?

  • Would improved cooperation improve preventative strategies? If so, what are the steps needed to improve cooperation?

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