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भित्रि सुन्दरता provides young girls with the tools they need to build healthy and lasting friendships. We work with girls to help them rise up beyond their circumstances, become role models in their communities, and learn how to recognize abuse and exploitation. 

भित्रि सुन्दरता was written so that girls can take the obstacles, hardships and pressures that are so often placed upon them and turn them into something good. It teaches them to turn challenges into learning experiences, enabling them to emerge stronger and better equipped for the world that they face. In fact, this is why भित्रि सुन्दरता was created in the first place: to provide girls a community in which they learn how to embrace and reveal their inner beauty.

The goal is not to prepare girls for a problem-free world, but to prepare them for a problem-filled world for which they have the ability to conquer. Topics about setting goals allow girls to dream about their futures, while also giving them resources to be practical about their dreams and the choices they will make. What an amazing difference they can make in the world with the skills to tackle the challenges and obstacles that come their way.


The goal of this curriculum is impact. It is our hope that भित्रि सुन्दरता will provide young girls with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves, supportive communities, and the realization of their potential. Girls will emerge from भित्रि सुन्दरता as leading young women in their schools and communities and will inspire other girls to make a positive difference. Remind the girls that their impact will be only as big, positive, and as effective as they dream it to be. Their potential to make a positive impact upon families, schools and communities is real and possible.

What is भित्रि सुन्दरता?

Get Involved

You can join either as a club leader or as a girl participant. Club leaders gain access to the full curriculum in downloadable form, tools for starting clubs and using the curriculum, online forums where they can collaborate with other leaders, and opportunities to report on their club progress. Participants gain access to online videos and lessons that they can complete at their own pace! 

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Build Communities of Support

Learn About Overcoming Challenges

Create Lasting Memories

Protect Girls From Abuse and Exploitation

What do our participants say?

"Things I value: God, love, friendship, honesty, respect." 
"I am beautiful on the inside."
"I am happy."
"I am loved."
"What is inner beauty?
Reflected by her soul." 

How We Started

Global Family is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 that aims to preserve the family and protect at-risk children with the assistance of local community organizations, volunteer caregivers, and donors. It aims to adopts a three-pronged approach to solving the issue of child abuse and exploitation and human trafficking, improving child protection, and providing alternative care to children who have lost biological familial support.

Contact Us

Suren Rasaily
Country Lead Coordinator
+977- 9860509206

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