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11. Introduction to Clubs

There is a girl in your community who has been abused by her teacher in school and he has threatened her if she tells anyone about it. She stopped going to school seven days ago. There are girls in her school who have noticed she has not been attending and try to find out what is happening to her.

Discussion questions:

  • Why do the girl’s friends want to help her?

  • Where do these friends come from? Are they from the same community?

  • What help can they offer?

This group of girls who helped the abused girl is a “club”. A “club” is a group of people who organize under a common vision of preventing the spread of trafficking, exploitation and abuse in their community.

Discussion questions:

  • Is anything you would like to add to this definition of “club”?

  • Based on this definition of “club”, are there any clubs in my community?

  • What are the objectives of these clubs? Are there any clubs working against trafficking, exploitation, abuse, etc.?

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