We have launched an afternoon drop-in center for girls between the ages of 8-15 on Union Avenue. The ‘Girls Only!’ club is a safe and comfortable place where young girls can come after school to have a snack, do their homework, and just relax in the presence of female mentors who are there to listen and offer support. 

We were surprised when one of the girls brought in for the program told us that she had never been anywhere like this, she had such a good time that she did not want to leave! During these afternoon sessions, we are able to talk to the girls about their struggles and successes and instill values of inner beauty, self worth, and strength. We believe in prevention and these daughters deserve our time and support. 

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at 213.3380 or email info@myglobalfamily.org and please continue to give! Thank you for being a part of the local Daughter Project. Please continue to give!